How to handle trio sets

Introducing the handling of Miki House's trio set. Please look at the product you have and check the applicable part.

Trio set (15-4113-384)

Trio set (15-4088-266)

Trio set (65-4059-829)

Regarding the use of a microwave oven / dishwasher

* Do not use a microwave oven.

Precautions when using a dishwasher

  • Please do not use it in a commercial dishwasher.
  • Please do not put this product overnut. There is a risk of deforming.
  • Please check the display and instruction manual of the dishwasher and dryer before use.
  • Do not drop this product to the heater part of the dishwasher. It may cause smoke.

Precautions for handling

  • Please read the displays engraved on the main unit, such as heat -resistant temperature, before using.
  • Do not use immediately if the case occurs in the case of scratches, cracks, or chip.
  • Don't get rid of it with a scourer or a migaki powder, as it may be scratched.
  • Do not put near the fire.
  • When washing your hands, apply a soft sponge to a software neutral detergent and wash it with lukewarm water.
  • After soaked in water, let the metal part go down and dry sufficiently. If moisture remains, it may cause rust.
  • Avoid using for purposes other than tableware.
  • Do not use orange oil -based detergent as patterns may be discolored or discolored.
  • When using alkaline detergent, wash it well so that the detergent does not come out.
  • If you leave the fats and oils on the pattern part, it may be discolored.
  • Do not disinfect boiling.
  • Avoid alcohol disinfection. The pattern may be discolored or the product may be deformed.
  • Please be careful when using chopsticks and forks, as the tips are cut off.
  • Do not hit other things in the spoon or fork metal part. Not only will the other party hurt, but it is very dangerous because burrs appear in the metal part.

Heatproof temperature

Parts name Heatproof temperature
lid 100℃
Body 100℃
Middle dish 140℃
bridge 100℃
Spoon fork handle 100℃

Raw material resin and materials used

Parts name Raw resin Ingredients used
lid AS resin  
Body AS resin  
Middle dish polypropylene  
bridge AS resin  
spoon, fork   stainless steel
Spoon fork handle ABS resin