How to handle school shoes

Introducing the handling of school shoes in Miki House. Please look at the product you have and check the applicable part.

School shoes function

① Outstanding breathability

The instep of polyester mesh is durable and has excellent breathability.

② Foot design

The toes have a relaxed and rounded shape so that you can walk around the ground using your fingers.
The finger moves freely and the comfort is comfortable.

③ Side guard

The double mesh protects the sides of the foot and prevents the internal legs.

④ Flex Sole

It is designed to bend flexibly according to the position where the foot bends, and it helps a smooth walking and promotes the form of arch.

⑤ Reinforcement of the heel

It is firmly reinforced with a rubber guard and enhances stability during walking.

⑥ Magic belt

It can be easily attached and detached, adjusts the tightening of the instep and fixes the feet firmly.

⑦ Pure veil processing

The function of the excellent antibacterial and antiviral processing "pure veil" by safe and secure hybrid catalyst® suppresses the growth of bacteria inside the shoes and suppresses the occurrence of unpleasant smell.

A specific bacterium on the fiber by the function of a hybrid catalyst® that enhances the function of combining two types of catalysts with different oxide mechanisms with special technologies and enhancing the function of destroying and decomposing stinking substances and bacteria using oxygen in the air. It suppresses the proliferation of and reduces the number of specific viruses.

* Hybrid catalyst® is a registered trademark of Sunword Shokai Co., Ltd.
* Antibacterial and antiviral processing are not intended for healing and prevention of diseases.
* The antiviral test is carried out at 25 ° C for 2 hours at 25 ° C. at 25 ° C.

Pure veil

⑧ Shock absorption cup insole

A three -dimensional cup -in -in that enhances the fit with the foot.
A sponge that absorbs and alleviates impacts, and is designed with excellent elasticity.

How to choose school shoes

● Precautions at the time of purchase
Try on both feet, check the actual walking state and choose.
Even with shoes with the same size display, there is a subtle difference in internal dimensions and comfort depending on the design and material.
Make sure you actually check the fit, ease of movement, and your feet.

When wearing, be careful not to move your ankle firmly after adjusting the heel exactly, so that your feet do not move back and forth in the shoes.

● A guide when replacement
Although there are individual differences, children's feet grow very quickly, and at first they may be cramped if they notice the right size.
To check if the school shoes match the size of the footHow to combine your child's heel to the insole taken out to check the remaining condition of your toesIs recommended.
It is just right for shoes to have a moderate amount of room for the toes so that they do not hinder the movement of the finger.

The child's feet have a large difference in shape and growth speed, and the necessary margin varies depending on the type of shoes and feet.

When you wash the school shoes or when the new semester begins, take out the insole and check the size.

  • Keep in mind that keeping shoes that do not fit your feet can hinder the correct growth of your feet and body, causing scratches, beans and injuries.
  • The shape and walking style of the feet vary depending on the child, so please do not wear shoes with a habit after wearing it.

How to clean

Introducing how to keep school shoes white and clean.
Please try to clean up the right way to use it comfortably.

  • Avoid using a washing machine as it may damage the fiber.
  • It is recommended that you remove the insole from the shoes and wash it alone.
  • FirstAfter dropping mud, sand, etc.Let's start washing.
    If you wash it with mud, sand, stones, etc. in the hole in the mesh, dirt will remain in the hole and it will look dark.
  • For laundry, use a neutral detergent with water or lukewarm water and use it.Using a soft brushPlease wash lightly.
    In particular, the dough in the mesh part, which is three -dimensional, can cause fluff to rub too much.
    There is no effect on breathability, but brush gently to impair the appearance.
  • If you soak in water and wash it, the dirt that you have removed will be on the shoes again.
    If you want to put it on, as short as possibleIt is better to keep it (for less than 20 minutes).
  • There is a risk of yellowing and discoloration due to the remaining detergent, soRinse is sufficientPlease go.
    Due to lack of rinsing, detergents and other residues may appear on the surface, but in that case, wash again as soon as possible.
  • Use of bleach may cause deterioration with fabric and rubber.

  • Leaving the shoes with a lot of water may lead to stains.
  • After washing, press and squeeze slowly with your hands, carefully be careful not to lose shape, then wipe off the water with a dry cloth.Stuff it with white paper, etc., and dry in a well -ventilated shade.let me try. 
  • The sponge material of the shock absorbing cup insole may contract when sunlight for a long time.
    The insole is dried after removing the waterplease.
    Please note that drying with washing scissors will make a trace.
  • Avoid rapid drying in direct sunlight, dryer, heater, dryer, etc.
    It may cause deformation and deterioration, or the dirt that could not be removed by washing could emerge in a spots due to rapid drying.

How to keep

  • The shoes gradually deteriorate during storage. Avoid high -temperature and humidity so that the deterioration does not progress as much as possible, and keep it in a place where direct sunlight is not exposed.
  • Please avoid storing in the car. Please note that the trunk room will be very hot.
  • Please avoid storing in plastic bags.
  • The shoes that have been stored for a long time may have deteriorated. Please be sure to check the following points before wearing.
    • □ Is the material of the instep part (the fabric that wraps the foot) deteriorated (peeled, sticky, cured, crushed, etc.)?
      □ Is the glue strength of the surface zipper weak?
      □ Is the sole (the bottom) deteriorated (peeled, sticky, cured, cracked, etc.)?

Other precautions

  • If you have an individual handling label, follow the contents.
  • If you feel any abnormal skin, such as itching or rash, discontinue use.
  • Since it is not oil -resistant sole (bottom bottom), please avoid using it in the area where the oil is drawn.
  • Be careful when walking in a slippery road, frozen roads, manholes, lids of road gutters, tiles and marble floors. Please note that it is particularly dangerous when moving from a dry road to a wet road surface.
  • Please note that if you put it near the fire, it may soften or deform.
  • To prevent danger and fall down, press the surface zipper such as the back belt strongly and firmly pinch firmly. If the crimping is weak, it may cause you to fall off when you are wearing it.
  • If the glue of the surface zipper is reduced, discontinue use. As for the use of the surface zipper for many years, if the heat is applied, if dirt or thread crust is attached, or if it is wet, the adhesive may be weakened.
  • When wearing, spread your mouth significantly and put your feet. Please be careful not to step on the heel. The counter is crushed, deformed, or damaged, causing injuries.
  • It is not made for intense sports, so be careful of excessive friction and impact.
  • New shoes are not used to wearing them, so you may have shoes, so use them while getting used to your feet little by little.