How to handle straw hoppers

Introducing Miki House's handling of straw hopper. Please look at the product you have and check the applicable part.

Straw Hopper (15-4116-383)

Capacity: 340ml

Straw Hopper (65-4062-825)

Capacity: 340ml

Name of each part

How to set it to the pig in the drinking mouth

When installing, pass the drinking mouth through the swallow hole from the inside of the pig and pull it up until the drinking mouth is in close contact with the drinking mouth. When removing, hold the lower part and pull it down.

* If you pull only the straw, only the straw may come out.

How to set a shoulder belt

Set the belt stop part correctly on the outer and inner direction.

Regarding the use of a microwave oven / dishwasher

* Do not use a microwave oven.

Precautions when using a dishwasher

  • Please do not use it in a commercial dishwasher.
  • Please do not put this product overnut. There is a risk of deforming.
  • Please check the display and instruction manual of the dishwasher and dryer before use.
  • Do not drop this product to the heater part of the dishwasher. It may cause smoke.
  • When using a dishwasher, remove the shoulder belt.

Precautions for handling

  • Do not put your shoulder belt around your neck or swing with your shoulder belt. It leads to an unexpected accident. Please do not do it.
  • Do not put hot food. I may burn my mouth.
  • Never add carbonated drinks such as soda water. It may leak due to water pressure.
  • If you leave it for a long time in a high temperature such as in the car, the air in the water bottle will expand and the drinking water inside may blow out, so do not leave it.
  • Sudden temperature changes can change the pressure inside the straw and drink water. note that.
  • It is not completely sealed, so please use it in a standing state. Water may leak if you lie down.
  • Be sure to put it in a waterproof bag such as a plastic bag when carrying it in a back.
  • If other water leaks occur, first check if there is a packing, the packing and the drink are installed correctly.
  • Attach the packing correctly so that there is no twist.
  • Avoid using pulp and drinking water, as the straw may be clogged.
  • Never freeze with drinking water in the water bottle.
  • Be sure to wash before use.
  • Close the lid firmly and tighten the middle pig.
  • Do not carry with the lid open. (Drinking water may leak or damage.)
  • Please note that if you leave it under high temperature with oil on the print part, the print may come off. Also, do not soak in hot water containing oil.
  • Please note that if you drop or add a strong impact, it may be damaged.
  • This product is not a cool type.
  • Do not put near the fire.
  • When washing your hands, apply a sponge or soft cloth with a niutral detergent for dishes and wash it with lukewarm water.
  • Do not use alkaline detergent or orange oil -based detergent as it may be discolored or discolored.
  • Do not see the eagle or migaki powder.
  • Please note that the water drops remaining in the straw may splatter when opening the lid.
  • When bleaching, use a chlorine bleach for the kitchen. Excessive bleaching will damage the product quickly, so please follow the usage of each bleach.
  • Do not bleach the lid or disinfect the chemicals. The metal part is invaded and corroded.
  • We recommend drying early because it may cause rust on the metal part.
  • Avoid steam disinfection in a microwave oven.
  • Use a baby disinfectant to use a disinfecting solution to use the disinfectant for each disinfectant.
  • Avoid alcohol disinfection. The pattern may be discolored or the product may be deformed.
  • If you chew it strongly with your teeth, the rubber of the drinking mouth may be damaged.
  • If the lid is open, the drink may erupt, so be sure to close the lid before tightening the middle pig.

Heat resistance / cooling resistance

Parts name Heatproof temperature Cold -resistant temperature
lid 100℃ -20℃
Middle pig 120℃ -20℃
button 120℃ -20℃
Body 120℃ -20℃
straw 140℃ -20℃
Tap 140℃ -20℃
rubber seal 140℃ -20℃
Belt stop 80℃ -20℃

Raw material resin and materials used

Parts name Raw resin Ingredients used
lid PET  
Middle pig polypropylene  
button polypropylene  
Body polypropylene  
straw   silicone rubber
Tap   silicone rubber
rubber seal   silicone rubber
Belt stop ABS resin  
Spring   stainless
pin   Brief