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Pregnancy line countermeasures with maternity care cream during pregnancy and after childbirth

Miki House Mataniic Cream Series
Miki House Mataniic Cream Series

I thought about the ease of skin care during pregnancy and the comfort of pregnant women
Maternity care cream appeared

From Miki House, maternity caric cream for pregnant women suffering from pregnancy lines, dry skin, and itching has appeared.
If you become pregnant, you will be worried about your skin dryness and itching, and as your stomach grows, the skin will be pulled out rapidly, resulting in a pregnancy line.
Miki House Maternitary Cream is a moisturizing cream for pregnant women who consider the ease of body care during pregnancy and the comfort of spreading the skin.
Make your daily body care at a moment to rest. And you can keep your skin fresh and soft during pregnancy. Miki House Maternity Tannity Moisturizing with a cream, please spend a spicy time while moisturizing.

Miki House Matanistike Cream 4 Points

1. Textures that are easy to care for pregnant women's tummy

Even though it is cream, when placed on the skin, it feels like an oil and melts on the skin.
Textures that are soft and stretchy but hard to hang on a curved tummy are perfect for pregnant women's body massage.
Daily body care time is a good relaxing time.
1. Textures that are easy to care for pregnant women's tummy

2. Contains moisturizing ingredients that gently and moisture to the skin of pregnant women who are worried about drying and itching

Moisturizing is indispensable for body care during pregnancy that makes your skin dry. Miki House Maternity Cream uses natural ingredients that have a high moisturizing effect, such as Mitsuro, Shea butter, jojoba oil, Tsukusa, Ogon, and peony. Continued care to make your skin soft, elastic and smooth.

* Display name: beetlow, shear fat, jojoba seed oil, hubble extract, ougon root extract, peeling root extract

2. Contains moisturizing ingredients that gently and moisture to the skin of pregnant women who are worried about drying and itching

3. Eight free ingredients that do not use as much as possible things that burden the skin of sensitive pregnant women

Miki House Maternity Ichi Cream is a weakly acidic, and is a prescription design that snuggles up to fluctuating skin during pregnancy. It does not contain eight components that tend to burden the skin of sensitive pregnant women, so it can be used every day.
Of course, please use it for your mom's body care after giving birth.
Petroleum -based surfactant free animal -derived ingredients free ultraviolet rays absorber Free paraben -free synthetic fragrance free synthetic colored alcohol free mineral oil free

4. Patch test, allergic tested

* This does not mean that skin irritation does not occur.

4. Patch test, allergic tested

Many pregnant women, postpartum moms are worried about their skin.

In October 2019, Miki House conducted a questionnaire survey "About the worrisome after childbirth" for Miki House Baby Club members. I got an answer from 1,350 pregnant women and 5,081 postpartum moms.
Anxiety about pregnant women who are worried about their pregnancy lines. Postpartum moms are ranked third in the pregnancy line. In addition, you can see that many moms feel skin changes during pregnancy, such as rough skin, dry skin, and itching.
In particular, the "pregnancy line" seems to be a point that is not only anxious for pregnant women, but also for postpartum mom's body.

According to the comments in the questionnaire, besides the tummy, some people suffer from pregnancy lines on their chests and buttocks, and others who were not bothered during the first pregnancy, but suffered from the pregnancy line during the second pregnancy. It seems that.
The pregnancy line, which appears when the stomach grows rapidly, can be prevented by keeping the skin soft and moisturizing with a dedicated cream for pregnancy care. In addition, it is important to keep your skin moist and care for creams that contain ingredients that help you recover your skin in order not to leave the pregnancy line that has been created.

What a pregnant woman is worried about himself
What postpartum moms are worried about themselves

Impressions of senior moms Miki House Matanistike Cream

★N / M (8 months pregnant)

This maternity care cream is a balm type, so it stretches well, and I liked it because it was comfortable to apply. It's moist until morning and I don't care about drying. Originally sensitive skin, but can be used without itching. Some fragrances have a unique smell, but they don't mind the smell and seem to be able to continue using them every day.

* It is an individual impression.


★A ・ S (9 months pregnant)

I thought that the skin was moist after painting, and the moisturizing feeling was kept. During the cold season, I dropped about two drops of jojoba oil on this cream and used it a little after loosening it. When I have time, I think it would be nice to communicate with the baby in my tummy to use it slowly after warming down with my palm. Thanks to you, the pregnancy line has not yet been made.

* It is an individual impression.


★O. Y (postpartum mom used during pregnancy)

I used oil at the time of my first pregnancy, but I was worried about stickiness ... This maternity caric cream had little stickiness like oil and had a moist impression. It was easy to use without sticking to the hand after painting, so I was able to keep applying every day. Thanks to that, I could not have a pregnancy line.

* It is an individual impression.

Impressions of senior moms
Impressions of senior moms

Miki House Matanistike Cream Product Details

Miki House Matanistike Cream
Miki House Matanistike Cream
Product name

Maternity care cream




¥ 4,180 (tax included)

Triethyl Hexanoin, Water, Dimeticon, Glycerin, BG, DPG, Penturen Glycol, Arakidille Alcool, Stearantate (SE), Behenyl alcohol, Medio Form Oil, Sheer fat, Arakiru Gulcoside, (Acryloyl Jimethyl Taurin Anium/VP) Copolimer, phenoxyethanaol, beetle, kissantan gum, glycyrrhizic acid 2k, tokoferrol, hubble extract, squalane, jojoba seed oil, hexappeptide-3, aky root extract, ougon root extract

【how to use】
Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your skin.

[Precautions for use]
Please be careful if your skin is abnormal. If cosmetics do not fit your skin, stop using them in the following cases:
If you continue to use cosmetics as it is, it may worsen the symptoms, so we recommend that you consult with a dermatologist.
(1) In the case of reddish, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss (vitiligo, etc.) and darkening, appear abnormalities.
(2) When the direct sunlight hits the skin used, the above abnormality appears.
Do not use it for abnormal areas such as scratches, swelling, and sashimi.
Store in a place where infants are out of reach.
Do not store it in extremely high or low -temperature places or direct sunlight.


It is recommended that you use it as soon as possible before you get pregnant before the sudden increase in weight starts. In addition, since the stomach and chest massage are also strongly related to the mother and fetus, make sure that the doctor in charge may massage. When you are hungry, stop the massage.

It is recommended to do it in a relaxed state after bathing.
[How to use]
① Take plenty of palms and warm them.
(2) Paint to the part you care about, and massage gently from the basics, from the outside to the center of the body.
Example: In the case of the tummy, apply from the lower side to the center, the center, the center, from the upper side to the center, and massage the entire tummy clockwise.
As your stomach grows, it will be easier to paint the lower part, so apply it carefully while lifting it with one hand.

Large pearls: about 1g (= 1ml) according to the body type, tummy condition, and season, and use about 1 to 6 tablets (3 to 6 g).
"Chest: about 3 to 4 tablets", "Both arms: about 1-2 tablets", "Ryotomo: about 3 tablets"
If you have dry winter or dry skin, please apply a lot.

The expiration date is 3 years unopened after the production of room temperature after manufacturing. Please use within 3 months after opening.

Store in direct sunlight and hot and humid places. We recommend storage in a cool and dark place.

Please refrain from using it if the skin may occur.

Please refrain from using it in a state where the skin is abnormal, such as inflammation. We recommend consultation with a specialist if necessary.

Please discontinue the use and rinse the liquid at the part used to see the situation. Please consult a specialist if necessary.