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Business content

What is the origin of Miki House -it is "affection for children." Since its inception, in the field of baby and children's clothing apparel, we have been working on manufacturing that we first considered children. Under the vision of "children and families will smile every day," we will continue to expand our activities in the fields that overturn the concept of "children's clothing brands", such as publishing businesses, education and child -rearing support projects. I want to do what I can do one by one for baby, children and my family around the world, and the Miki House's business will expand from Japan to the world.

Miki House Group's business

Baby & children's clothing apparel business

Miki House has two brands for children from newborns to about 6 years old. "Miki House" is a cool American casual brand "Miki House Double B", which is a cool American casual brand, with a cool denim, which has a cool denim. In both cases, they work on manufacturing that they think about their children first, and their quality and design have been reputed from around the world.

Including about 100 domestic directly managed stores, 94 stores (as of February 2023) in cities such as Paris, London, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, and Melbourne. We also carry online shopping in Japan and overseas. The items to be handled are not limited to baby and children's clothing, but also a wide lineup, including shoes, toys, and miscellaneous goods.

Harrods store (UK)
Paris store (France)
SKP Beijing Store (China)
Marina Bay Sands store (Singapore)
Melbourne store (Australia)
Shanghai IFC store (China)

Publishing business

Since 1987, we have been developing a publishing business since 1987, in order to help children's bonds and children's bonds and children to have rich sensitivity. In addition to fun picture books that deepen parent and child communication, we also make highly artistic masterpiece picture books and Kenji Miyazawa series. I want children to spread their imagination wings through Miki House's picture books.

Educational business

Miki House Child -rearing Research Institute, a group company, is a child classroom that connects parents and children to the future through exercising (fun learning), a full -fledged English conversation class for a full -fledged and fun infant, "Miki House English Conversation Club," The "Uskids Pal Elementary School Examination Course" is being developed in famous department stores nationwide.

Child -rearing support project

Miki House Child -rearing Research Institute, a group company, operates Japan's largest Happy Notebook. Experts and senior moms are advised on raising children's anxiety and worries. In addition, Happy-Note, which is distributed at directly managed stores and affiliated medical institutions nationwide four times a year, supports healthy, fun and safe and secure and secure living surrounding children, and supports family memories.