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Headquarters location and contact information

main office

1-76-2 Wakabayashi-cho, Yao-shi, Osaka 581-8505


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Those who come by train

  • About 35 minutes from "Higashi -Umeda" station from "Umeda" station / JR "Osaka" station "Higashi -Umeda" station immediately
  • From "JR Shin -Osaka" station to the "Tennoji" subway line "Tennoji" station, change to the subway valley town line to "Yao Minami" station for about 50 minutes

Those who come by plane

  • About 30 minutes by limousine bus from Itami Airport to Umeda or Tennoji
    In the case of Umeda, about 35 minutes from "Higashi -Umeda" station to "Yao Minami" station
    In the case of Tennoji, about 20 minutes from "Tennoji" station on the subway valley town to "Yao Minami" station
  • From Kansai International Airport to JR "Kansai Airport" station to "Tennoji" station (29 minutes in Limited Express Haruka, 45 minutes at Kansai Rapid), change from "Tennoji" station to the subway valley -cho line to "Yao Minami" station. Part

Those who come by car

  • About 2 km from the Hanshin Expressway "Obori Exit" (Turn right at the "Nagayoshi Kawabe 3 West" intersection toward Ikeda)
  • About 5km from the Hanshin Expressway "Katsuru Daikuchi Exit" (Turn left on Nagai Park Street, turn right on the central ring line, and turn left in General G.S)
  • Approximately 5 km from the Kinki Expressway "Yao I.C" (Turn left on the General G.S on the central ring line towards Sakai)

Tokyo sales office

6-1-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0006 Tokyo Distribution Center Annex 4th floor


how to access

  • 1 minute walk from Tokyo Monorail Distribution Center Station