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Message from the President

The smiles of the children
Large flowers.

Meet many worlds in childhood,
I want you to experience the real excitement.
Looking straight at the future with glittering eyes
I want you to walk strongly and supple.
The splendor of having a dream,
Be aware of the preciousness of your dreams.

Miki House has been through various corporate activities since its inception.
I sincerely hope for the healthy and rich growth of the children.
A big possibility that all children have ...
I think it is our role to grow that possibilities in a strong and rich manner.

Underwear that gently wraps the soft skin of baby, shoes that make walking fun,
A clothing that makes you feel like being hugged by your mother.
There is the meaning of continuing to pursue high quality.

Not only quality and service, but Miki House turned to the world from an early stage
I have been working with a view to the future.

Small seeds, which have been sowing for more than 40 years, are now opening flowers around the world.
We will continue to support children with glittering and shining eyes and young people who walk straight for their goals.

The scenes of children and their families are always happy.
The smiles and dreams of the children are large and large.
For the future, so that each child can shine unique to each child.

Koichi Kimura President Miki House Group