Introducing Miki House's mug (baby mug, spout mug, straw mug). Please look at the product you have and check the applicable part.

Easy to use the age of use

How to set a baby mag

Explains how to set a baby mag. Please set each part as shown in the illustration.

How to set a spout mug

Explains how to set a spout mug. Please set each part as shown in the illustration.

How to set a stra mug

Explains how to set the straomag. Please set each part as shown in the illustration.

How to set a lid packing and handle

The lid packing is common to baby mugs, spout mugs, and stromags.

Warning and attention


  • Please do not use hot drinks. Cool the drink below 40 ° C and set the lid. Put hot drinks in the straw mug can cause drinks and cause burns.
  • Check the temperature of the drink before giving it to your child.
  • Do not heat the microwave oven with the lid. It may cause burns, such as suddenly blowing out.
  • If the nipple, spout straw, or tube is cracked or damaged, stop using it and replace it with parts. If you use it as it is, your child may swallow the damage.


  • Children do unexpected movements. Be sure to use it where your parents reach.
  • Do not use for applications other than breastfeeding children or giving other drinks.
  • Do not give a strong impact such as dropping it. It may cause injury, deformation, or damage.
  • Please note that the container may overheat immediately after heating the microwave.
  • Please note that baby magu nipples, spout mug spouts, straw mug straws may be damaged if the teeth are chewed and pulled.

* Please do not put the following:

  • Do not put dry ice or carbonated drinks. It is dangerous because the internal pressure rises and the contents blow out.
  • Do not put the pulp with pulp or tea leaves. It will cause it, that is, it is.

Regarding the use of a microwave oven / dishwasher

Microwave ovens and dishwasher can only be used with ○ marks.

product name Freing the microwave Dishwasher dryer
Baby mug Only the body ○
Spout mug

Precautions when using a microwave oven

  • Please do not cook.
  • Because it is exclusively for microwave ovens, heating, oven, and grills cannot be heated.
  • Do not heat with the oil attached. The pattern may be discolored.
  • Please note that the container may be hot when removing it from the microwave.
  • When warming in a microwave, remove all parts, including the handle, and use only the body.
  • Do not use as a cooking utensil.
  • Please carefully check the display and instruction manual of the microwave.

  • If the amount of drink is small, shorten the heating time.
  • Avoid heating foods with a lot of oil. It may be excessively heated.
  • Use up to 500W x 2 minutes for heating in the microwave. If the wattage of the microwave oven is large, shorten the heating time.

Precautions when using a dishwasher

  • Avoid using it in a commercial dishwasher.
  • Please do not put this product overnut. There is a risk of deforming.
  • Please carefully check the display and instruction manual of the dishwasher.
  • Please do not drop this product to the heater of the dishwasher. It may cause smoke, scorch, melting, and smell.

About disinfection

product name Disinfecting method
Boiling Medicine microwave
Baby mug
Spout mug
Stromag Only lid, straw food, push button is not allowed

* For boiled boiling, drug solution, and microwave oven disinfecting, please check the disinfection method for each member.
* Please avoid alcohol disinfection. The pattern may be discolored or the product may be deformed.

[Boiled boiler]

  • When boiling and disinfect, remove each part, add plenty of hot water in a large pot and boil for 2-3 minutes. If the amount of small pots or hot water is small, parts may contact the pot skin and deform.
  • Please note that excessive boiling may cause the product to be quick or the pattern may be discolored.
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, there is a possibility that a small dimension difference will occur in parts that are not boiled and parts that are not boiled. Please make sure that the lid has been cleared before use.

[Drug -solution]

  • When using a disinfectant, use a "disinfectant dedicated to baby bottle / nipple". For the disinfecting method, please check the instruction manual of the disinfectant.

[Microwave disinfection]

  • When disinfecting a microwave oven, be sure to use a device dedicated to microwave oven. Please check the instruction manual of the equipment for the disinfecting method.
  • Avoid disinfection of microwave oven as the lid of the "stromag" may be deformed.
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, there is a possibility that a small dimension difference may occur in parts that have not been disinfected by microwave oven. Please make sure that the lid has been cleared before use.

Precautions for handling

  • Do not put near the fire.
  • Please rinse well with lukewarm water before you use it for the first time.
  • Please wash well after use.
  • Do not freeze in the freezer with the contents in. It deforms and causes a failure.
  • Please use the product after assembly. It may be that assembly is incomplete. Be sure to make sure that there is no leaning before use.
  • Please click the lid and cap firmly. It leaks water when it is loose.
  • Please read the quality label engraved on the main unit and the instruction manual before using it.
  • Do not put in drinks and swing around. It may get out.
  • This product is less likely to leak, but it is not completely sealed. If you put the contents and carry them in a diagonal, horizontal, or upside down, it may be available under various conditions. When carrying, be sure to put it in a waterproof bag such as a plastic bag.Be careful when you can get it in a bag, as the surrounding things may get wet or damage.
  • Nipples, spouts, straws, packings, etc. are elastic when old, and it does not work properly, so replace it as soon as possible.
  • Avoid carrying milk after tasting. It may cause rot.
  • The scale of the main unit is not based on the measuring method. Please use it as a guide.
  • In the case of a drink that uses dark drinks and synthetic colors, containers and parts may be colored.
  • If you add a strong smell, the smell may move to the container.
  • If you leave the fats and oils on the pattern, it may be discolored.
  • Do not use if the product cracks, cracks, chips, etc., or are significantly deformed.

[Precautions of spout mug]

  • By clogging of air holes in the spout, the air hole does not work properly. Also, if you continue to drink continuously, internal pressure adjustment may not keep up and it may be difficult to drink.

[Precautions of stromag]

  • There are internal pressure and balloon adjustment functions, but if the contents are heated, especially in high -temperature places, such as in the summer car, or even indoors, the contents are warmed.Please note that the air in the container expands due to the difference from the outside temperature and the contents may blow out when the straw food is opened. In such a case, loosen the lid once and lower the internal pressure of the main unit.Be sure to put the lid firmly when drinking.
  • Do not chew or pull straw parts. There is a risk of damage such as cutting. In addition, there is a gap between the straw part and the lid, causing the flood.
  • Set the tube correctly. You may not be able to drink until the end. Please check the setting method carefully.
  • Even if you press the push button, the straw food will only open a little, so please open it to the back by hand. A two -stage opening and closing cap that suppresses the balloon of drinks.

How to clean

  • Insert a sponge or soft cloth with a neutral detergent for dishes, wash it well with lukewarm water so that it does not remain, and dry it sufficiently.
  • Leaving the drinks may rot or mold, causing unusual odor.
  • If you brew it with a sponge containing a scourer, glue powder, or abrasive material, it may be scratched or the pattern may be discolored.
  • When using alkaline detergent, wash it well so that the detergent does not come out.
  • Do not use orange oil detergent. The product may deteriorate and the pattern part may be discolored.
  • The packing can be removed from the lid and washed. Do not use sharp ones when removing. It may cause damage such as tearing.
  • Do not pull the packing and wash it. It may cause damage or growth.
  • Please set the packing correctly. Twisting and hizzy can cause water leakage.
  • After washing, dry it well before assembling the product.
  • Clean the straws, nipples, and spouts frequently. In other words, it may cause water leakage / balloon.

If the contents get lost

[Please read when the contents are out. ]

Where do you get from?

The place where it is out Confirmation point
From between the body and the lid
  • Is the lid firm?
  • Is the packing set correctly?
  • Is the packing old?
From between the lid and the cap
  • Is the cap firmly?
  • Is the cap set correctly?
From nipples, spouts, straws
  • Is the strawfood correct?
  • Nipples, spouts, straws ...
    -Is it set correctly?
    -Is it old?
    -Are you chewed or pulled hard to damage it?
    -Is the air hole clogged?
Common all parts
  • Is it damaged due to dropping or strong impact or pressure?
  • Is each part deformed because boiled and microwave disinfection has been disinfected for a long time?
  • Are you putting hot drinks, the internal pressure of the container increases, and the balloon?

Heat resistance / cooling resistance

product name Parts name Heatproof temperature Cold -resistant temperature
Unlike 3 types Body 140℃ -20℃
handle 140℃ -20℃
rubber seal 140℃ -20℃
Baby mug lid 140℃ -20℃
cap 140℃ -20℃
cover 140℃ -20℃
Nipple 140℃ -20℃
Spout mug lid 140℃ -20℃
cover 140℃ -20℃
Spout 140℃ -20℃
Stromag lid 140℃ -20℃
Straw food 140℃ -20℃
push-button 100℃ -20℃
straw 140℃ -20℃
tube 140℃ -20℃

Raw material resin and materials used

product name Parts name Raw resin Ingredients used
Unlike 3 types Body polypropylene  
handle polypropylene  
rubber seal   silicone rubber
Baby mug lid polypropylene  
cap polypropylene  
cover polypropylene  
Nipple   silicone rubber
Spout mug lid polypropylene  
cover polypropylene  
Spout   silicone rubber
Stromag lid polypropylene  
Straw food polypropylene  
push-button Polyacetal  
straw   silicone rubber
tube   silicone rubber