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Kenji Miyazawa's picture book

Kenji Miyazawa's picture book

Miki House is not just clothes, but
With the growth of your child, the "heart" warms up, and
Some things
I would like to deliver it.
it is "Picture book"――
Above all, Miki House has published it for 30 years.
"Kenji Miyazawa's Picture Book Series" is

In the Japanese picture book world, as a series that is already described as a monument,
It is recognized.

Please see the "Kenji Miyazawa's Picture Book Series" delivered by Miki House.

Miki House is not just clothes, butWith the growth of the child, the "heart" is warmly squeezed, and somethingI would like to deliver it.
it is "Picture book"――
Above all, "Kenji Miyazawa's Picture Book Series", which Miki House has published for 30 years, isIn the Japanese picture book world, it has been recognized as a series that is already described as a monument.
Please see the "Kenji Miyazawa's Picture Book Series" delivered by Miki House.

About Kenji Miyazawa's picture book series

The characteristics of the picture book series of Kenji Miyazawa of Miki House, which is

In each story, talented front -line painters are working on paint brushes.
"A painter who should meet the work to meet me has met from the famous critic, Imae.Huh. Among the many Kenji picture books, this series is a white eyebrow. "At the "Miyazawa Kenji Memorial Hall" located in the birthplace of Kenji, this series is lined up in a special position.I have many readers.

As a picture book, in addition to ruby ​​in all kanji, Kenji fairy tale is familiar. There are many voices that have become familiar.
As you know, Kenji Miyazawa is a glowing person in the Japanese literary world, but its fairy tale work is used. There is no other picture book series that covers so far.
Not to mention the famous story, "There was such a story. I know for the first time in this series. I was encouraged by the voice that gave me the joy of discovery, and it is still published. all 50 We are aiming for a historic series called Volume.
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Order of the Japanese syllabary

Rain Nimakezes

Picture: Sayaro Yuzuki

Icho no fruit

Picture: Kenji Oikawa

Wolf Forest and Usamori, Jimori

Picture: Ken Katayama


Picture: Soko Jinzaki

Otsubel and elephant

Picture: Ryoji Arai

Shellfish fire

Picture: Okihara Yume

Cairo leader

Picture: Koshida Mika

Frog rubber shoes

Picture: Mariko Matsunari

Kashiwabayashi night

Picture: Makoto Nakano

Wind Mata Saburo

Picture: Miko Yagita

Yellow tomato

Picture: Nana

A nice volcanic bullet

Picture: Kiyoshi Tanaka

Galaxy Railway night

Picture: Ichiro Kanai

Royal Park Forest

Picture: Hideo Ito

Zashiki Doji's story

Picture: Chiaki Okada

Signal and Signales

Picture: Mao Yamaguchi

The beginning of deer dance

Picture: Milokomachiko

Four days of daffodil moon

Picture: Ken Kuroi

Gauche playing cello

Picture: Aya Sato

The Restaurant of Many Orders

Picture: Suzuki Cojo


Picture: Seidake Ishii

Monday night

Picture: Mori Takeuchi

Tsujin Tsuzane

Picture: Ohata Go

Tori Box -sensei and Fumumusumi

Picture: Naobu Yoshida

Poisonous Momi Global Chief

Picture: Koji Yamamura

Acorn and mountain cat

Picture: Seizo Tajima

Bears of Mt.

Picture: Hiroshi Abe

Cat office

Picture: Ahiko Uedaki

Ibaraki Elementary School

Picture: Shigeo Nishimura

Hinoki and Hinage

Picture: Izukune

Twin stars

Picture: Tomoko Hirasawa

Glacier rat fur

Picture: Riko Horikawa

Flandon Agricultural School pigs

Picture: nakaban

General Kitamori and a three brothers doctors

Picture: Suzuki Cojo

Polano square

Picture: Akiko Miyako

Three people who have graduated from the allegorian Kumakuma School

Picture: Taeko Oshima

Yamao's April

Picture: Kazuyoshi Iino


Picture: Kazuo Kawakami


Picture: Yora

Yodaka star

Picture: Yuki Sasame

Masumura Hiroshi version
Kenji Miyazawa fairy tale collection
"Otsubel and Elephant/Kiren Park Forest"

Masumura Hiroshi version
Kenji Miyazawa fairy tale collection
"Yamanashi/Hikari no bare feet"