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Miki House Official Site Membership Terms

Article 1 (member)

• Miki House Official Site (hereinafter referred to as this site) provides services to members assuming that members comply with all of the following terms.

• In these Terms, the “Members” is a general term for the viewer of the content (image, text, design, logo, video, ideas, information) (hereinafter referred to as content) (hereinafter referred to as content) after approving all the contents of these Terms.

• Miki House Group [Sankei Corporation and its group company with member registration to this site. In the following, we have joined the Miki House Club Terms separately in the Miki House Club, a membership system operated by the Company.

• The member shall be responsible for managing the email address (login ID) and password registered on this site. Login IDs and passwords shall be available only to the members themselves and cannot be transferred or lending to anyone else. In addition, the indication of the intention made to the Company using the login ID and password shall be regarded as an effective expression of members corresponding to this login ID and password, and all the payments generated by the members are responsible for the members.

Article 2 (Prohibition of members)

The Company prohibits the following actions by members:

• Acts that violate these Terms or laws (not limited to laws and regulations)
• The act of changing all or part of the registered matters to false, erroneous, and omissions
• All acts to lend, transfer, relocate, or secure, and set the qualifications, status or rights or obligations of members to third parties
• All acts to use or use content without the explicit permission of the Company
• Our or third -party trademark rights, copyrights, design rights, patent rights, and other intellectual property rights (including the right to register these, etc.), portrait rights, privacy rights, honor, and any acts that infringe the rights or interests of our company or third parties.
• All acts that are contrary to public order and morals
• Files of debts to the Company (not limited to default on debt related to these Terms)
• All acts that interfere with the provision or operation of services, or apply excessive burden on the network, system, telephone line, etc. related to this service (including acts that repeatedly repeatedly applied for product purchase, refusal to receive, inquiries about the same content, etc. multiple times).
• All acts to use this service as a business or for profit
• Acts to become a third party
• All acts aimed at giving a criminal act or anti -social forces, etc.
• All acts that make the acts in the preceding paragraphs directly or indirectly or easier
• All acts that we judge inappropriate as a member

Article 3 (Loss of membership and compensation obligation)

If a member of Paragraph 1 does the following acts, we can cancel the membership.
・ Make a false declaration when applying for a member qualification
・ Nay neglect to pay for the payment by mail order
・ There are other reasons we recognize that we are inappropriate as a member.

Paragraph 2 When a member does the following acts, the member is liable for the damages that the Company has incurred.
Login ID And unauthorized use of passwords
・ Including this site, falsifying information, and sending harmful program data to interfere with our business.
・ To infringe the intellectual property rights of the product we handle
·others,BookTo act against the rules

Article 4 (member registration standard)

Paragraph 118UnderwaterIn the case of parents, it will be registered with the personal information of the guardian.

Paragraph 2 The registration and product order may be refused according to the Company Examination.

Article 5 (Privacy Policy)

We handle the personal information of members according to the following provisions.

Paragraph 1 In order to provide services to members, our name, accurate address, telephone number, date of birth,loginIDCollect the necessary information for membership registration.

Paragraph 2 The personal information provided to members will be strictly managed by the Company. We do not provide to third parties with personal identification.

Section 3 The personal information is used to perform the necessary statistical and analyzing processing in various sales activities of our company. However, when disclosing that information to a third party, it is not published in a personally identified state.

Paragraph 4 of the above paragraph 3 of the above -mentioned companies (settlement agencies, courier companies, etc.) to complete the transactions between the Company and Members will be disclosed at a minimum necessary range.

Paragraph 5 We will use personal information to provide our products, services proposals, and information, or provide products and services of companies and organizations acknowledged by the Company.

The use of personal information in paragraph 6, paragraph 6 can be stopped by the member contact the Company.

Paragraph 7 Personal information can be changed and modified by members contacting us. However, we cannot delete the minimum necessary information for our operation.

Paragraph 8 The Japanese Law shall be applied to the personal information of members held by the Company. In addition, we will comply with the laws that apply to personal information, and change each item as necessary, such as changing laws and regulations.

Paragraph 9 When the Court, Public Prosecutor's Office, Police, Other State Organization is requested to disclose personal information based on the law, we may disclose the personal information of members within the necessary range.

Article 6 (security during communication)

To protect personal information, use SSL as an encryption technology to ensure safety. However, its safety is not guaranteed by the Company, and if an accident such as data leakage occurs without any negligence in our company, the Company and each and eachPayment feeBusiness companyIs not responsible for.

Article 7 (Internet system interrupted)

If computer troubles, maintenance, or other unavoidable operations and management of this site, you may temporarily suspend the system without prior notice to the member. This shall not be liable for the liability even if the member suffers damage.

Article 8 (Product order)

Clause 1 When the order processing for orders by members is completed in the Company, the sales contract for the order for the order will be concluded.

Paragraph 2LoginIDAnd the order made using the password is regarded as a valid order for members, regardless of the reason.

Paragraph 3 The Company shall not be responsible if the member's order is not accepted on the Internet or other than the reason for the Company without any reason.

Article 9 (cancellation of product purchase)

Paragraph 1 After the product sales contract is established by the Company, except in the following cases, members may not be able to cancel or cancel the sales contract of the product.
・ If the product is missing before shipping
・ If defects are found in the product before shipment
・ When a product has been reserved, there is a reason that the reserved product cannot be manufactured or sold.
・ If all or part of the registration matters are false, erroneous, or omitted
・ If the product payment is not made anyway
・ If the destination is unknown, absent for a long time, or due to other reasons, the product cannot be delivered to members
・ If the product cannot be delivered to the member within the prescribed period of our company
・ When any of Article 2 (the ban on members) is applicable

Paragraph 2 If the member falls under any of Article 2 (the ban on members), the Company shall be able to cancel, cancel the sales contract, or take other appropriate measures.
Even in this case, the member shall be inevitable for the payment of the sales contract of this product or the payment of debt based on these Terms.

Article 10 (display price and payment method)

All display prices are tax -included price (discarded less than 1 yen). The payment method is as follows.

Paragraph 1 Credit Power 1 D: Credit cards can be used in bulk, split, bonus revolving payment.
The purchase price will be withdrawn from the designated account based on the membership agreement of each card company.
Available cards: JCB/VISA/MASTER/American Express/Diners/UFJ
You can use the above credit card (partner card with the above credit card).

Section 2 Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (Kuroneko Yamato) is available.

Section 3 NP postpaid: Payment by Net Protections Co., Ltd. is available.

Section 4 Rakuten Pay: Rakuten Corporation is a payment method provided. You can pay using the credit card information registered in the Rakuten member ID or the Rakuten Super Point held by the member.

Paragraph 5 PayPay: You can pay with the balance of PayPay.

Section 6 Alipay: You can pay with Alipay.

Paragraph 7 WeChat Pay: You can pay with WeChat Pay.

Article 11 (delivery)

If it is a product with stock and does not specify the delivery date, it will be shipped within 3 business days from the order of order input, except for the following cases.
・ If you cannot receive your luggage due to membership
・ When delivery circumstances (Nakamoto / year -end gift, etc.), natural disasters, traffic conditions, weather, etc. are affected
・ When the number of orders sent by our order is significantly exceeded the initial prediction
・ If it takes more time due to the circumstances of the delivery company, such as remote islands

Paragraph 2 The delivery of the product shall be completed by delivery of the product to the designated destination specified at the time of ordering.

Paragraph 3 If the delivery date of the ordered product is significantly delayed, or if it is not possible to deliver due to sold out, we will contact you by e -mail or telephone.

Paragraph 4 In the event of a natural disaster, the establishment of laws, and the exercise of public power, the accident of the transportation agency, the labor dispute, and the unavoidable circumstances, the company shall not pursue any compensation.

Section 5 The delivery destination of the ordered product is only in Japan.

Article 12 (delivery fee)

If the purchase price is less than 11,000 yen (tax included), a delivery fee of 880 yen (tax included) will be charged for each delivery destination. In addition, if you order two or more items at the same time, if any product cannot be prepared at the same time and the delivery is multiple times, we will bear the additional delivery fee.

Delivery chargeOnDedicatedIn

Article 13 (Return / Exchange)

Paragraph 1 Return of the product can be accepted only within 7 days after the product arrives.rice fieldisdeathWe cannot accept product exchange due to customer reasons.

Paragraph 2 We cannot accept returns in the following cases.
・ If you purchase a product at another store
・ Products used even once
・ If you lose at your responsibility
・ If the product arrives, if there is no contact and it has passed 7 days or more

Paragraph 3 This is not the case by our liability, such as defective products and deficiencies. We will respond promptly.

Article 14 (Use of publication information)

On this sitePostingListingdifferenceAll content you areIt is protected by copyright law, various treaties, and other laws in Japan and other countries. All content published on this site is our property and copyright belongs to the Company.
Therefore, it is prohibited to use and reprint content (including duplication, modification, modification, uploading, transmission, distribution, distribution, sales, publishing, etc.), without permission from our documents in advance (including duplication, modification, uploading, transmission, distribution, distribution, sales, publishing, etc.), beyond the scope that has been explicitly recognized by private use and other laws.

Article 15 (Other)

Some specifications, designs, and country of origin may be changed without notice.

Article 16 (Change of Membership Terms)

Paragraph 1 In the following cases, the Company may change the membership agreement at the discretion of the Company.
(1) When the change of the membership agreement meets the general interests of the member.
(2) When the change of the membership agreement is rational in light of the purpose of the contract, and in light of the need for changes, the equivalent of the content after the change, the content of the change, and the other changes.

When the membership of the membership agreement after the change of paragraph 2, when the member uses the Service after the date of occurrence, the member shall be deemed to have agreed to change the terms.

Enforcement: October 20, 2021

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