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Miki House Club (Registration is free)If you register,
There are many members -only benefits.
Miki House Club is more fun
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What is Miki House Club?

Miki House Club
This is a member -only service for registered customers on the Miki House Official Site.
(Registration is free)
So that every day of your child and family is full of smiles,
You can experience Miki House content more conveniently,
To enjoy shopping on Miki House official website
You can use special benefits limited to Miki House Club.

Not to mention shopping on Miki House Official Site
Spent with your child so that every day will be a little happy,
We will deliver content and information from Miki House.

If you register from the following, anyone can join.
Please take this opportunity to register for "Miki House Club".
If you are a Miki House Official Site member,
It is automatically registered as "Miki House Club member".

Miki House Club Benefits

Benefit 1
A special shopping experience for members only

  • Coupon present that can be used next time after purchasing for the first time
    * The coupon code will be sent by email around 10 days of every month.

  • Priority sale information such as limited items

Benefit 2
A chance to win Miki House every month!

  • If you participate in a limited -time questionnaire that will be held every month, you will receive a Miki House product by lottery.
    (Based on the results of the questionnaire, it will be announced by content on the official site and childbirth preparation site)

\ Lots of nice services /

Already, Miki House Official Site Member Customers

* Miki House Club benefits are subject to change without notice.

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There is no need to register again.
Miki House Official Site members are automatically registered as Miki House Club members.