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Preparing for childbirth born in April and born in April

Preparing for childbirth from the birth of your baby
Mainly used in about a month.
"What you wear" "Nenne"
"Our" "Breastfeeding"
It is an item.
In addition to them
To a 1 -month medical examination"go out"On
If you have what you need, you can prepare.

Items that the baby wears

Basic Item

Newborn underwear, diapers, two -way all, celebrity

For babies who have many opportunities to change clothes, regardless of the season they are born 5-6 shorts for short underwear and combination underwear, 3-4 pieces for two -way allLet's prepare.

For a baby born in the spring where the temperature difference is severeTwo -way all intermediate material with moderate thickness and heat retentionIs recommended. Departure and visit the shrineCeremony dresses and Afghans are made of all season used materialsIt is a good idea to choose.

Pure Veil Animal Crossing Whaling Short Underwear

¥ 2,750 (tax included)

Pure Veil While Combination Underwear

¥ 3,740 (tax included)

Animal embroidery fluffy non -twist yarn two -way all

¥ 16,500 (tax included)

Two -way all

¥ 19,800 (tax included)

Two -way all

¥ 16,500 (tax included)

Two -way all

¥14,300 (tax included)

Non -twisted pile border torso

¥ 8,800 (tax included)

Oakushi Kaida Cape

¥ 19,800 (tax included)

Celemony dress 3 -piece set

¥ 29,700 (tax included)

Knit Gauze Afghan

¥19,800 (tax included)

Complete cutting compact diaper (set of 5)

¥ 3,080 (tax included)

Wool knit diaper cover

¥ 4,180 (tax included)

Baby Nenne Item

Basic Item

Baby futon / futon cover / blanket / sleeper

Sleep is an indispensable time for baby growth. Prepare a high -quality item to sleep comfortably.

Kake Futon, Riding FutonIn addition to the room temperature, you can adjust the warmthCotton blanket and towel blanketChoice. Also,Waterproof sheets, quilt pads, coverIt is safer to have multiple pieces because it is necessary to wash.

Feather Futon Set

¥110,000 (tax included)

Function Watafuton Set

¥99,000 (tax included)

Mini feather futon set

¥99,000 (tax included)

Miki House Bear pattern Futon cover set

¥38,500 (tax included)

ribbon×Shohana pattern futon cover set

¥22,000 (tax included)

Mini Futon Cover Set

¥29,700 (tax included)

Miki House Bear Towelet

¥9,900 (tax included)

Star pattern cotton blanket

¥11,000 (tax included)

Waterproof sheets for baby futon

¥ 3,080 (tax included)

Quilt pad for baby futon

¥ 3,850 (tax included)

Total pattern☆Cotton sleeper

¥8,800 (tax included)

Gauze sleeper

¥7,700 (tax included)

Baby bath item

Basic Item

Baby bath, bath towel, gauze towel, baby soap

A bath that is easy to sweat, always keeps a baby with sensitive skin clean, activates metabolism, and has the effect of drinking breast milk and milk. Use it for such a bath Baby soap to gently wash your body, bath towels, gauze bath towelsWe have a baby -friendly specification.

Baby bath for bathing

¥ 4,400 (tax included)

Gauze Bath towel

¥3,300 (tax included)

Gauze Bath towel

¥3,850 (tax included)

Instead of twisted oak bath towels

¥ 8,800 (tax included)

Gauze Towel Set

¥2,200 (tax included)

Gauze Towel Set

¥2,750 (tax included)

Gauze Hankachi Set

¥1,650 (tax included)

Gauze Hankachi Set

¥2,200 (tax included)

Baby Skin Care Baby Soap

¥ 4,180 (tax included)

Baby Skin Care Baby Mill Clon

¥ 4,180 (tax included)

Glooming set

¥ 5,500 (tax included)

Baby bathrobe

¥ 9,900 (tax included)

Baby breastfeeding item

Basic Item

Milk bottle, styling, nursing cushion, lactation cape

There are individual differences in the time and amount of breast milk, and the frequency of use of powdered milk cannot be understood unless you start breastfeeding. First, prepare the minimum necessary items and buy them while watching the situation. Milk bottle of specifications that are easy to handle even for the first time, cushions that make daily breastfeeding easier, and useful for breastfeeding on the goPlease use it for an important contact time with the baby.

Powder beads multi -cushion (nursing cushion) made of tricot material

¥ 5,500 (tax included)

Multi -cushion cover

¥7,700 (tax included)

Doctor Betta [PPSU] Milk bottle (240ml)

¥ 4,180 (tax included)

Doctor Betta [PPSU] Milk bottle (150ml)

¥ 3,850 (tax included)

Glass milk bottle (240ml) (baby bottle)

¥ 3,850 (tax included)

Glass milk bottle (160ml) (baby bottle)

¥ 3,630 (tax included)

Nipple (round hole)

¥ 902 (tax included)

Brain replacement nipple (2 round holes)

¥ 1,012 (tax included)

Breastfeeding style set

¥ 3,300 (tax included)

Breastfeeding pillow

¥6,050 (tax included)

Plaid☆Nursing cape

¥6,600 (tax included)

Baby outing item

Basic Item

Mother bag / baby carrier

"Discharge"It is the first opportunity for moms and baby to go out "1 month medical examination"It is a good idea to keep out the outdoor goods in advance. From the preparation for hospitalization for giving birth Mother bagCan be conveniently used.

Miki House Bear Mother Bag

¥ 60,500 (tax included)

Mother Diary Case

¥13,200 (tax included)

Diaper pouch

¥16,500 (tax included)

Miki House x Pagon Baby Carrier

¥ 41,800 (tax included)

Baby carrier insert

¥ 6,600 (tax included)

Belt pad

¥ 3,300 (tax included)

3WAY Rain Cape

¥ 7,700 (tax included)

Outing poncho

¥ 11,000 (tax included)

Multidette [with BOX]

¥ 8,800 (tax included)

Miki House Bear Blanket Clip

¥ 9,900 (tax included)


¥6,600 (tax included)

Fluffy cotton portable cock

¥ 5,280 (tax included)
If you can feel the sign of spring in the sunshine, a little more until you can meet your baby.
Looking forward to that day, the time to choose a baby one is a very happy time.
There is no rule in preparing for childbirth. It is okay if you enjoy it while having fun in a way that you and your family think is good.