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Pre -mama / prepapapa seminar reservation is accepted

Miki House holds an experienced "pre -mama -prepapapa seminar" so that moms, dads, and their families who welcome babies can be reluctantly anxious before giving birth and can start their lives with the babies that will begin with peace of mind.
Please feel free to participate.

Consultation at the store about preparation for childbirth

Miki House stores are holding individual seminars for pre -mama and prepapa.
Click here for the schedule of each store.

[Store holding] childbirth preparation fair

Miki House stores nationwide hold a childbirth preparation fair at any time. During the event period, we will also give you a purchase gift.
Please see this page for details.

Introduction of childbirth preparation set

We have prepared a great set that summarizes what you really need to welcome your baby.

Start preparing for childbirth

Choose from the season of birth

Useful tools

Birth preparation list

"What should I prepare?"
For such a pre -mama and prepapa, we have prepared a basic and easy -to -understand “childbirth preparation list”.

Hayami for one year since birth

What you need for one year after you were born is summarized in a list by baby age.
It is safe to imagine a life with a baby that will begin.

Look for childbirth preparation

Learn in the video

Solved the question of childbirth preparation with a video!

The best point of preparing for childbirth is to prepare for the season when the baby is born.
It explains about underwear and clothes selection by the season when the baby is born.
Please see it.

It would be safe to read pre -mama and prepapa now

Here are some articles you want to read because before giving birth.
It is information created by interviewing an expert so that you can start every day with your baby with confidence.
Miki House pregnancy / childbirth / child -rearing magazine
In Miki House's pregnancy, childbirth, child -rearing magazine,
We are sending information that will be a hint of Premama and Prepapa.