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Everything we make is based on the principle of putting children's needs first.

It is our sincere hope that you will choose MIKI HOUSE for your children whether they're playing, sleeping, eating, talking, running, or doing what they love to do. We also want to make the children wearing our clothes as happy as possible, all the better to make fond memories that will stay with them as they grow up. The best way to do that is to make our clothes so soft, safe, and comfortable that the children wearing them don't even realize it. We make clothes that treat children with the same care that their mothers and fathers do.

No detail is too small to escape our attention, from the cloth to the way it's cut, from the design to the stitching. We have dedicated ourselves to making clothing that stretches to match a child's movements so that they can spend their time doing what they love without even noticing that they are wearing clothes.
Our long experience has allowed us to make MIKI HOUSE a brand of inimitable quality and an enduring favorite for gift-giving.

MIKI HOUSE Baby Wear “Hadagi”


Photo The fundamental manufacturing principle at MIKI HOUSE is to create children’s favorite products. The T-Shirts of MIKI HOUSE are made of the best quality cotton, grown in rich natural environment. Children love to play full of energy and sweat heavily, but they usually cannot express their feelings of discomfort properly. Therefore, we pay serious attention to the comfort and mobility of children when we make our products. T-Shirts, which can be worn all year round, are one of the must-have items in children’s wardrobes. We believe that the best quality cotton, which is very soft, hygroscopic, breathable, and durable to machine wash many times, is the most suitable material for our T-Shirts.



Photo The growth of a child's feet is closely linked to their health and development. For more than 30 years, MIKI HOUSE has been involved in creating products that support this growth process. We spend time making sure all of our designs meet the special needs for children's footwear before even getting started: Are the shoes shaped to match the spread of a baby's toes when walking? Is there enough room for a baby's toes? Do the tips bend so that babies don't trip and fall? Do the shoes flex to match the bending of a baby's foot? MIKI HOUSE offers a wide variety of shoes to match your child's development, whether they are just taking their first steps, walking steadily, running hard, or even taking big jumps.

1st shoes For babies that can crawl and stand 2nd shoes For babies that can toddle 3rd shoes For babies that can walk


MIKI HOUSE Baby Wear hadagi

MIKI HOUSE baby wear is designed to meet the needs of mothers and fathers who want to do whatever they can to make their babies as comfortable as possible. Baby wear is the first item of clothing most newborns wear. An infant's skin is roughly one millimeter thick. At half the thickness of an adult's, it has yet to develop much resistance to external stimuli. In order to protect this delicate skin, MIKI HOUSE baby wear emphasizes functionality and the use of specially selected materials and stitching. For example, we take care that seams are formed on the outside of our wear, so that they do not come into contact with the skin. We also use special machines to stitch sleeves to ensure that there is no roughness. Everything we do is aimed at making the most suitable wear for your newborn baby.



MIKI HOUSE Red and「miki house」 Photo

The year was 1971. A young couple who were new parents themselves decided to take on the challenge of founding their own company: MIKI HOUSE. Their only thought was making their customers happy. Their practice of hand-carrying samples to small shops and listening to the requests of the owners resulted in the creation of a brand of children's clothing that continues to be stylish, functional, fade-resistant, and guaranteed to always match a child's smile.

One of the first innovations was the use of "MIKI HOUSE Red," an all-new hue. It captured the sense of a child's bright future while simultaneously managing to look wonderful on boys and girls alike. Before long, the brand name officially changed from MIKI to MIKI HOUSE, with a bright, friendly, and energetic new logo created to commemorate the new start.

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